Monday, June 06, 2005

Fell off the planet

Yes, I fell off the planet last week. In a nutshell, I wasn't completely over the flu, got really sick again Wednesday - Friday and finally became my old self again on Saturday. By then, a mountain of housework was waiting for me and I played catch up. The good news is that the Things were gone camping for 20 hours and thirty minutes (but who's counting) on Saturday-Sunday, so I had some me time. What did I do? I washed and washed and washed two fleeces (light mesa Navajo Churro and blue faced/Border Leicester cross), felted some of the monkeys I'd knit earlier in the week, started on a prototype micro monkey (so tiny, so cute) and listened to chick music. I also went to a private drive in movie nite with some friends (they set up a movie screen from their garage doors - 18'x 8', hooked up surround sound in their yard and projected Mr. Depp and Mr. Bloom on the big screen - yum!) and watched Pirates of the Carribean, ate tropical theme foods and sipped many well mixed Cosmos.

Sorry this post is on the fly but I won't have much time to post over the next couple of days (out of town and school getting out - yikes) and the power has already been out once tonight due to some hellacious thunder and lightning storms. A little foreplay until I can post some pics:

* The winner of the photo contest was the Zira and Yarn Harlot Picture. However, I'm so partial to Minx's picture with Zira too that I'm going to go ahead and print both of them :) They have to be approved by and I also have to get permission from Yarn Harlot and Minx but if it all goes through, I'll send some post card RAOKs out with the Zira stamps. Harlot, Heaz(who took the picture) and Minx will receive some of their own Zira stamps to do with as they wish and their own commemorative Cheeky Little Monkey. Thanks to everyone who voted!

* I finished a couple of cheeky minis in pink and a sort of creme brulee color over the weekend - they are too damn cute

* Loads of flerfy fleeces are drying all over my house just waiting to be carded and spun

* Happy one year blogiversary to me! Thanks for sharing in my wacky life and making it more fun every day.

Gotta run. I'll catch up with ya later in the week. Stay cool. As King Thing would say "its hot as balls" in SW VA.


elisa said...

Okay - the private drive-in thing? That just sounds like the Best Idea Ever. What fun!

I got to see Zira up close and personal at MD S&W (with Heather) and I can attest to how adorable she is! I can't wait to see the mini monkey. :)

Lauren said...

I am with Elisa, that drive-in thing sounds so fun! (Especially when it involves eye candy like Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom!)

Congrats to Harlot and Minx Kathy. I liked both pics, but voted for Kathy because she is so cool and she is my Maryland neighbor :P Can't wait to see the mini monkey brigade! :)

Hope everything goes well this week, T, sounds like you will be busy!

Take care :)

Moze said...

Happy Blogiversary!

The drive-in with Depp and Bloom...oh, wait--they were on the screen and you in the audience. Oh, well.....

--Deb said...

Happy blogiversary!

Renee said...

That drive in sounds like a really good time.

I neeeeeed to see the micro monkey and the new cheekies! Photos please.

Happy blogiversary!

Has Zira contemplated coming to Canada on her tour?

Kathy said...

Bring on the mini monkeys! And yes of course you have my permission to print my ugly mug - I am honored to be immortalized on a stamp with Zira! Too cool :)

KnitNana said...

Happy Blogiversary! I'll miss MeetUp tomorrow as I prepare for July 4 weekend show, but will see you gals 7/7? Must see cheeky monkey's then....

Gracie said...

I'm sorry you weren't feeling so well! It sounds like you had a great weekend despite it!

Can't wait to see the wee monkies! They sound precious!

Happy Blogiversary!