Thursday, June 16, 2005

How to avoid writing a report

I have a report that I need to finish and submit to my supervisor by tomorrow.I'm avoiding it like the plague. Its gorgeous outside and I just want to sit on the deck with a mojito permanently affixed to my hand. Here's what I've done so far to avoid finishing this report...

* make several phone calls first thing in the am
* knit two rounds on Koigulicious ankle sock
* set solar dyeing projects out on the deck to bake in the sun
* make a Chai Latte
* do some research for the report
* yell at kids because they're driving me nuts (more about that tomorrow)
* attempt to return work emails and find that work server is down
* read a few knit blogs
* finally get back into email server and return emails that have lingered for the last week or two
* try to make up to kids for yelling at them with cheesecake covered in melted chocolate chips
* read some more knit blogs and comment when computer cooperates
* make a list of things to take to conference in DC next week
* start thinking of knitting projects to work on next week
* type a few bits of the report
* check on solar dye projects - ooohhhh, too kewl
* look at other people's bloglines subscriptions to see if I've missed any neato knit blogs
* stare wistfully at spinning wheel because doctor told me to leave her alone for a few weeks (sniff, sniff) until the torn ligaments in my knee can heal
* remember that I haven't taken my anti inflammatory drugs - mmmmm, good drugs - and motor to take them
* muster courage to put contacts in eyes for day two of trial
* use the force to get the kids to clean their playroom in the basement - "you will clean the basement" as I wave my hand
* try to think of creative ways to keep the kids in the basement for the summer without a social services intervention
* try to use the force to get the laptop to create the report for me - haven't been successful yet
* knit a couple of rows on sock; try sock on and wonder if its too freakish for me to wear
* write blog entry that only kills 10 minutes - damn!

Well, I guess I better get my arse in gear. I'll hollar at you with a real post tomorrow.


Jennifer said...

I'm commenting on your blog to avoid working on my report.

Maybe I'll try that answering email thing.

Or maybe I'll shop for yarn. Hmmm.

Jennifer said...

Oops...that one was me.

See, now I'm leaving a second comment to avoid that work.

You could get a lot of comment spam from me today!

Eilene said...

I wish my blog entries only lasted 10 min. I must be doing something wrong!

Are you a procrastinater?
Good luck. :-)

Gracie said...

Good list! I always clean when I am supposed to be working on school stuff. Good luck with the report!

Amy Boogie said...

I'm procrastinating on the work thing too. I noticed you missed a few.
*Look up recipes on the net and add to the grocery list
*Bake something
*Fill up my shopping cart at several online stores only to look at the total and click away
*rearrange the DVD's so they're in alphabetical order
*brush the dog
*play a game with the child
oh, right. I should get back to it as well, huh? Good luck with your report.

Kelly said...

I laughed out loud when I read your post! It's nice to hear a tale about someone else who is as skilled at procrastination as I am!
I use email & blog-reading as a stalling technique too! I would also have to add thumbing through a magazine, brushing my hair, and admiring my braces to that list!

Lauren said...

Very much looking forward to meeting you next week, Tanya :)