Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Muse in the Big City

A week in da big ci-tay of Warshington Dee Cee. I'm looking forward to a break from the testosterone trio. And no cooking or cleaning. However, I will not dare drive again until my ass is heading outta here. I strapped a set of cajones on and decided to drive in rather than fly or take the train. There are down sides to all of these modes of transport but being the control freak that I am, I felt that driving was the lesser of the evils. WRONG! Holy shittake mushrooms metro drivers are insane. I have selective memory along these lines until I'm in the midst of the traffic. Apparently, cars in the District are not equipped with turn signals nor can anyone see the signals on my car. I thought that I would drive into Old Town and to Potomac Mills - NOT! I'll take the Metro thank you very much. In order to insure that I do NOT go home with the Metro crud again, I have begun taking Airborne - take that you nasty germs.

As far as the conference, its on the boring side so far. Not to mention that the seats are killing everyone's backs and the rooms are so freaking cold that you could juice oranges on my nipples (TMI I'm sure). The poolside is looking very enticing right now especially since I need to thaw. And my plan to sleep in late this morning was thwarted by the asshole next door who decided to talk loud, sing Sesame Street (WTF?)and blast the news at 6 am. Damn him.

I didn't get any knitting in during the conference today because I wanted to look like I was paying attention. Tomorrow will be a different story. I have so much kinetic energy, I'm about to bust. Plus I'm PMSing and this medication that I'm on makes me jittery and dizzy - one helluva combo, huh? I hope that I can calm down before I meet up with Heaz tomorrow or I may just spontaneously combust. How funny would that be knitting, talking and then - KABOOM! Heh heh heh.

Well, I've stalled long enough. I need to get back to my session. Enjoy the day.


Eilene said...

Can't wait until Thursday!!! ;-)

Lauren said...

Tonight tonight! :)

Kim said...

Hey! I saw you at Folk Art on Wednesday night. I wish I knew it was you, I would have said 'hi'. I was in on the SP that you organized. I was the hugely pregnant person :o)

Hope you had a great trip to DC!