Wednesday, October 27, 2004

And now for something completely different...

I am a sucker for funny stuff. I watched reruns of Monty Python and the Benny Hill show the entire time I was in high school (what were my parents thinking?). I love Adam Sandler movies, Vacation and Christmas Vacation, Jay and Silent Bob, South Park, The Family Guy - the list goes on and on. I found this little tidbit on KR yesterday and its still stuck in my head. So now of course, I want to pass it on to you. The Llama Song. It makes about as much sense as the "Fish Heads" song I recall hearing back in Junior High.

If you want more funnies in your life, I highly recommend Homestar Runner. My DSS #1 turned me on to HSR last year. I love StrongBad's emails. Everyone needs a little runner in their life. I'm also a big Happy Bunny fan but it seems that fewer people have an appreciation of HB than me. Oh well.

Now on to Part II of my blithering from Monday:

Top Ten Reasons Why its was great to live in SW Virginia last week...

10. Guys who drive pickup trucks and look like Junior Samples from "Hee Haw" will regularly hit on you. No, I'm not joking.

9. You have to drive off road for almost eight miles to visit friends who live "up the mountain".

8. Birthday parties can include pet chickens.

7. Even though you live in the "city" wild animals like deer, bobcats and foxes come to graze in your yard.

6. You actually can consider buying a miniature sheep and keeping it as a pet in the "city."

5. The nightsky looks like you can reach up and touch it because there are so few city lights to obscure the view.

4. Good ole Southern Hospitality is in full force so much so that if you come to a four way stop sign, you may end up there forever.

3. You find out through friends of friends that they know people who locally raise Alpaca (be still my beating heart)

2. It's far enough away from MIL and GMIL that they only visit once in a blue moon - yippie!

1. Never has something dying looked so spectacular as the foliage peaking on the mountains and in the valleys of SW VA.

I've decided that I'm not going to "dis" MIL on the blog anymore. She's not worth my time and it will be my luck that one day she'll find this site. She did behave herself this trip which is rare. Or maybe it was the Vodka and other misc. alcohol that lessened the impact. GMIL behaved also except she implied to DSS #2 that witches must have brought me since I was born on Halloween. I had to stop and say "WTF????" She tried to dig out of that one. I think we all knew what she meant.

On the knitting front, The Colorwork Project from Hell is slowly progressing.

Progress on Houndstooth tote Posted by Hello

I had to buy a Kasha (note: "had to") so that I could keep up with the pattern repeat. Trust me this project is NOT fun to frog. If it wasn't for my mom, I'm not sure that I'd continue it. I'm in serious Zen mode in life and in knitting. Which means, keeping things simple and keeping the stress level low. Having to wrestle with yarn is not in keeping with my knitting Zen. I WILL find a way to knit in harmony with this piece. I think I need to stop fighting it and let it just be. Work beckons...


Lauren said...

LOVE the houndstooth! Looks like it is a b*tch to work on, but what a great reward in the end! Love it!

Your list is so funny. Thanks for sharing with us :)

IndigoMuse said...

I just want to clarify that I LOVE pickup trucks and drove one in high school for three years. It's the Jr. Sample's thing that gives me the willies :)


Colette said...

I asked DH for one of those miniture sheep for my birthday, but he said no - I guess I can't keep one in this city. (one of the reasons I want to move!)

Happy Boo-thday!

h said...

Eck! The stares and the comments are so not welcome... I hear's like hello do you think women find that attractive? Whoa Beavis-Joe-Bob, you're so not hot!

OMG I love love love Monty Python. Life of Brian is my all time favorite movie...boyo and I still quote that movie..."blessed are the greek..."

Yeah...I used to have the nastiest MIL too...the only thing I could ever say...and I used to repeat it over and over, she ultimately gave me in a way my even though she was horrid...there was ONE nice thing...hehe

Good for you for regaining your good knit zen. You are the boss! You bad ass knitter!!