Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Melancholy Muse

I'm feeling kinda down today. I found out last night that one of my child advocate peers and good friends is moving to Charlotte, NC in three weeks :( I'm so sad that everyone seems to be moving away. I know that this happens and she's moving for a better job opportunity but I just feel so alone and isolated right now. Life is hard enough but its even harder in my opinion if you don't have special people to share it with. Sometimes I feel too old to keep making new friends.

I also think that this sudden jolt of Fall is wreaking havoc on my physiological well being. I'm sure that I'm a SAD candidate as the lack of sun makes me so lethargic during this time of year. I've promised myself that I'd get one of those special lights so that I can at least fake my body into not getting depressed. Its hard though when so many people I love are dealing with so much right now. Sorry to bring everyone down. I promise not to whine the whole fall and winter in my blog about this. I just had to get it out of my system :)

I was very pleasantly cheered to receive a final package from my secret pal, Jessica. She has really spoiled me. She sent a beautiful lantern moon basket. I now have something wonderful to store my projects in (instead of random piles all around the house). AND a beautiful coffee table book "For the Love of Knitting" - I can't wait to actually read the book. I've only stared longingly at the photos so far. AND (drumroll please), four balls of DB Silk Angora in burgundy. Now Jessica is a mind reader because I actually bought some of this yarn in the SAME color when I visited Knit Happens last weekend. I've been agonizing over what to make with only a couple 100 yards of this swooshy yarn. Now I can knit a real project for myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jessica. ((((((((Big Hug))))))) I'm wishing you and the little bun in the oven the very best :)

On the knitting front, I'm wrapping up a batch of RAOKs that I hope to get in the mail by Friday. It's nice to send a little piece of myself to a total stranger. What a neat way to make the world feel a tiny bit smaller. I'm finally feeling well enough to pick up Rogue again. I so royally screwed up one of the sleeves when I knit while sick that I promised myself not to knit again until I was feeling well enough to focus on what I was doing.

I'm slowly getting pictures and hope to post some later in the day. Have a great day and happy knitting :)


Stinkerbell said...

I know how that feels to be the *only* one left, type feeling. I have spent teh past 2 years moving every 3 montsh resetting up. It can happen at any age. But I firmly believe you create a community around you if you want.

As for SAD. I know this is going to be somewhat controversial but after living 9 years in Seattle, it seems to work. Go to a tanning booth. Seriously 10-15 minutes 3 times a week (with sunscreen on and face covered by a towel of course). I have talked with my dermatologist on this (cause I am pasty and a walking target for melanoma) and he said that this was at least responsible all given. Controversial but it works. The other thing that helps is going out for short walks furing the day. Going in to work in the dark and leaving in the dark hurst. Walking in teh grey alleviates some of the situation.

And let me say I am sooo jealous of the alpaca silk... I am counting centimes over here to get me enough for a sweater this winter.

h said...

My aunt used to insist we sit in her room to do our homework during the winter because she had the special lightbulbs for SAD...I have to say that I think it helped all of us from killing each other in bad weather.

Consequently, now she lives in more sad for her! It works!

Lauren said...

One good thing about shorter days is that they mean colder weather which means sweater/hats/gloves/wool socks, etc weather! And there are leaves blowing all over the ground for corgis to play with:)

Amy Boogie said...

I understand the left alone feeling. I move back to Maine when a bunch of my friends lived here and now the only one left lives 2 hours away.

I change all the bulbs in my living room to special ones, thank youfor reminding me I need to pick up some new bulbs.

Great photos up there. the rogue hood looks great and I'm jealous of the big stuffed Homer.