Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Homer modeling the finished Rogue hood Posted by Hello


Nathania said...

Oh I got a good giggle out of seeing Homer in your Rogue. Thanks for giving me a smile this long, boring afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tanya! Homer is so funny! I love the bulging eyeballs peeking out of rogue! Thanks for the laugh! AND.....the sky! thank you especially for that! I have been enjoying seeing the skies around. This time of year is obviously beautiful almost everywhere! :)
I am so glad to drag you down, you making socks! I love your tiny ones. If you can handle tiny, big is easier. Not as fast though!

Lauren said...

Hi Tanya, I love the Rogue hood on Homer. That is perfect! :)

Thanks for your encouragement with the DPNs!