Tuesday, October 12, 2004

(Edited with updates) I'll show you mine, if you show me yours...

(Edited Update)
I will continue to take photo entries until November 16th. All entries will be posted in the photo section.

Voting will open on November 18th and will end on the 23rd. Winners will be announced on the 24th. So far, I have some variagated sock yarn and handmade stitch markers as a prize. I hope to add more goodies over the next week. Thanks for all of your great pictures.


Fall Foliage, that is (get your minds out of the gutter). After seeing all of the sky pictures out there, I thought that ya'll might be interested in seeing the fall foliage as it changes in the mountains of SW Virginia. I'm also very interested in seeing what it looks like in your part of the world. You can include knitting or landmarks in your pictures, whatever floats your boat as long as fall foliage is featured. Send me the link to your fall foliage pictures in the "shout outs" section of this post. In November (after most of the leaves should have changed), I'll hold a contest where everyone can vote for their favorite picture. We'll include several categories including best amateur photo, best professional photo and best photo with knitting. The winner(s) will win some yet to be determined knitting swag. If you would like to destash and offer prezzies as part of this contest, let me know via email - indigomuseatverizondotnet. Let the exihibitionism begin!


Amie said...

Fall Folliage - a big reason this is my favorite time of year! I'll try to get a bunch of pictures and send you the best!

La said...

hhhhhhhhhhh....I WISH we had some fall foliage for me to share.....damned Indian Summer in So Cal

The Knittin Kitten said...

i have a drawing i did on my computer, can graphics count? I'll work on getting some actual pictures, once the tress start to turn ;)

Shannon said...

What a great idea! Mine are small on the page, but if you click they come up larger. You can find them here:

Anonymous said...

I love the new look of you blog. Awesome!!! I will try to get some pics of the changing colors and send them your way! :-)


Heather said...

I think that sounds great...Goddard always has such beautiful trees...I will definately try to get a fall pic with a ROCKET in the background! :) heehee

ttbookjunkie said...

What a fun idea, here are some pics of Fall in Washington State, it is just starting aroung here but I got some color to show off...



kate said...

Wish I had some fall leaves! Everything here is just brown or maybe yellow. A lot is still green... Oh how I miss New York falls!

chelsea said...

Here is a link to my entry: http://www.bgb.cc/kali/img_blog/rhinebeck/red.jpg

It was taken while in Rhinebeck, NY for the fantastic Sheep and Wool Fest.

What a great contest idea!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I have a better foliage pic on my other site. I hope to have that site up and running this weekend. I'll send you the link then. Fun idea!


Anonymous said...

I posted up a photo that I took on a hike in the Shenandoah mountains on my blog:

what a fun idea for a contest! I adore fall.

Anonymous said...

My yard is surrounded by oak trees. Unfortunately, these kind of trees don't go much for color. Leaves go from green straight to brown, then cover our yard.

But here is a photo of them, with my daughter (16 months old) playing in the pile her dad had just raked up!


This was on Sunday. By Monday evening, the yard was covered again! I tease him every day, "Why didn't you rake the leaves?" :)


Anonymous said...

I posted an assortment of fall foliage pics yesterday, but by far this one is my favorite:

I love looking at everyone's photos!

Anonymous said...

I live in St. Paul, MN - DH and I went for a little weekend getaway to Sparta, WI and here are some foliage pics:



chelsea said...

I have one more contest pic!

This one is from the road to Catoctin Mountain National Park.


Can't wait to see everyone's pics up!

Teresa said...

Tanya...you left a comment on my blog asking if I'd like to enter your Fall Foilage Photo contest by submitting the picture of Hocking Hills that I posted on Sunday October 24th.

Neither Cherise or I took that picture - I found it on the 'net. BUT! Cherise took a few great pictures of a beautiful tree across from our house. I've got to find it - but I plan to send it to you later today or tomorrow.

Love your blog!


Teresa said...

Tanya...The picture I'd like to enter into the Fall Foilage Contest is the first one in the current post on my blog:


Thanks! and I've really enjoyed looking at everyone's entries!