Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Dim sum blogging

I feel like I only have small tasty bits of things to share today, like a dim sum bar. Mmmm, its making me hungry just thinking about it.

The biggest news is what Zira has been up to since she left in July. My little monkey has been a very busy girl. Based on what Froggie Meanie posted both on her blog and Zira's blog, she had a hella good time in Newfoundland. That place is too beautiful for words. Zira ate lots of yummy traditional foods and even got to see some Moose! I've never considered visiting Newfoundland until now. I'm definitely going to add it to my "must see" list (when I retire, of course). Thanks a million for showing Zira a good time and sharing your vacation with her, Froggie :) Go check out her adventure. I'll be waiting right here for you to return (cue "Jeopardy" music).

Glad you made it back. Now Zira left Froggie last Monday for the long trip from Ontario to Illinois to visit Amanda. Well, the monkey chick arrived yesterday! Not only is she going with Amanda to Stitches Midwest later this week but she might even get to meet Mr. President. Apparently she's already met Yoda (who is more of a VIP than Dubya, in my opinion) and they're getting along famously :) I can't wait to see what Zira and Amanda get into this weekend.

I was also pleasantly surprised with a RAOK from Bethanie who congratulated me on my weight loss. It was Debbie Macomber's The Shop on Blossum Street (seen in this photo, nestled in a cloud of Finnsheep with an uber cute knitting note card and Zira's post card from Gros Morne National Park). Thanks for the wonderful surprise!

Yet another tidbit, "Cantaloupe" is rolling along. Here's a shot of the back.

There has been a tad bit of frogging and some swearing as I struggled to figure out how to make the elongated stitches. And I ended up buying three pair of needles (since my Denises don't go below size 5) while trying to figure out what size and type of needle worked best on cotton. I finally settled on some size 3.25 Inox metal circular needles which have helped me double my knitting speed (the bamboos straights were killing me). I've also decided that unless I'm forced to, I will probably never knit with regular sized straights again (except for double points, of course). They're just too rough on my wrists.

A dim sum spinning shot.

Just a bit over the weekend while King Thing watched. No, he's not mesmerized by my spinning prowess. Like all of the "things" in my house, they want to see how fast they can spin it. I've caught ALL of them spinning the wheel at warp speed when they think I've left the room. Why, oh, why can't they leave my toys alone? I've tried to explain that when they play with it, they are screwing up the twist, the tension, etc. Blah, blah, blah, tension. Blah, blah, blah expensive toy is all they hear. Damgonit. Momma can't have anything...

We got our pottery back and all in all they came out just fine.

I'm too much of a perfectionist and wasn't thrilled with how my sheepy tea bag holder came out. The sheep was supposed to be white but the pink bled through in spite of several coats of paint. Boo hoo :( In retrospect, I should have made it grey like I did with the sheep on the bottom of my mug. Isn't he cute?

I love how Thing 1's square plate came out (he and his friends THINK that they're anarchists - ha ha ha). And Thing 2's chip and dip bowl is the perfect size for a little afternoon snack. And I'm madly in love with my ginormous mug. Perfect for tea or coffee. Yes, either of these tasty beverages truly bring me peace which is why I chose the "peace" symbol. My hope is to take the Suppa club there this fall for some painting and knoshing :)

Not much else happening at La Casita de Muse. In addition to losing another two pounds - woot! woot! - I've been in serious zen mode for the last couple of weeks. While a few interesting ideas have been pitched to me just in the past week - including a knitting related business proposal, several tote orders and news of a job opening in the area - I'm trying not to "force" anything in particular to happen. I've thrown off my chains of control freak (I'm a Scorpio, what more needs to be said) oppression and have let fate have her way with me. It's a bit scary at times but according my horoscope, I'm supposed to sit back and enjoy the ride. For now, I'm content to see where it all takes me.



--Deb said...

It looks like Zira is having a WONDERFUL time!

Sahara said...

Zira at Stitches? She's livin' LARGE!

Girl, Cantalope is Fierce! You knit your buns off! I love Inox or Addi Turbos for Cotton.

It's hard to get Inox here in NY, as they're associated with unstylishness (would you believe it?). I have to do mail order.

I use small bamboo straights for swatching only, otherwise it's circular. My hands done plumb wore out.

Wanda said...

I love the color of Cantaloupe, it's beautiful.

B said...

The color of Canteloupe is one of the coolest I've EVER seen.

Becky said...

Oops, sorry. That was me in the previous comment.

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