Monday, August 01, 2005

So you wanna knit and felt a bag...

Finally, here's my attempt at a tutorial for felting. Holy shittake mushrooms you don't know how I've been wrangling with sitebuilder since Friday to get it to post properly. I promise that pictures are a part of the pattern but I'm having a hard time getting them uploaded. Thanks for your sweet comments on my little tote, Fifi (she's was given this name by my friends at movie night on Friday). I love felting and love to share my knowledge when possible. Its not an exact science as each project is different no matter how hard you try to keep the variables the same. If you have any questions, feel free to email me or post it in the comments. I plan to eventually make this a PDF as soon as I find a suitable place to host the files.

Link to Fifi

I'll have a weekend recap tomorrow. I need a break from all of this pattern stuff for now... Phew, this is hard work.

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Heather said...

yay! a muse original!

yay! good work! you are the reigniing queen of felting!