Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Ooo La La

Yesterday, the postman brought a naughty little RAOK for me from King Thing. Vickies Secret lingerie. Oooo la la is all I could say after opening this little package.

Matching skivies. Its a good thing. The pink brasserie that goes with the undies is on backorder. Which means more goodies from the mailman in the near future. I wonder what he'll have in mind when he gets back in town. Hmmmmm.

The heat is on for me to get my ass in gear and buy birthday prezzies for Thing 2 and King Thing. We had a little birthday soiree on Sunday before King Thing went out of town complete with homemade tiramisu - yum! We gave Thing 2 a vintage PS1 game called Tomba. Now, that may sound like a cheesy gift but let me give you the backstory on this game.

Tomba and Spyro the Dragon were the first games that I bought when we first got our Playstation back in 1998. Being a kid of the 80s, I grew up playing Atari games and never got it out of my system. I was in hog heaven. The PS1 was supposedly for Thing 1 who was five at the time but once he went to bed, it was on. Tomba is highly addictive and is one of those adventure games where you have to unlock levels, save the good guys and get rid of the bad guys. Hours of non-violent fun - the perfect game for kids. Enter Thing 2. This kid refused to crawl and would instead crab walk on the floor. Thing 1 would constantly leave his games and cds on the floor and Thing 1 would "drive" them around on the hardwoods until they were so scratched up you couldn't even begin to play them. Guess what sadly happened to Tomba? Yup, I caught him driving it one day. I mourned the loss of that game mostly because I hadn't beaten it yet. Tomba 2 came out a year later and balance was restored in la casita de muse. So a few years pass and Thing 1 finds a demo of the game on an old PS1 CD. What happened to this game, mom? Did we ever have it? Thing 1 and I lay the guilt trip on him about how he ruined our lives when he destroyed the game. Okay, so we exaggerated but it made us feel better. So then we did a search for it online and find that after three years, the game is still hugely popular and runs for around $40 - $50. Damn. I hid the demo and we forgot about the game after a few weeks of nagging. A few more years pass and its now August 2005. Thing 2 finds that damn demo CD (why didn't I make it magically disappear) and starts nagging me again. The boys have since discovered the internets and Half.com and know that there are ways to find this game on the cheap. I stall them and tell them I'll check for it another day. Sneaky mom that I am, I found it, ordered it and got it here in time to make his day. Supermom to the rescue! I'm the shiznet. I'm golden. I rule! Phew, a long story but then again its the most excitement I've had since my lingerie arrived :)

So while the iron was hot, I decided to try to make some other birthday wishes come true. King Thing asked for only two things - ESPN gameplan and some Johnston and Murphy shoes. No problem I say. I'm the queen of the internets right? I contact Adelphia (who's customer service sucks ass) and find to my chagrin that its not offered in our area. Damn them. Damn them to hell, I say. I'm glad that TimeWarner and Comcast are buying them out. Alright, there's always the shoes right? I'll just special order them. I get a call from Jos A. Bank telling me that this Abner shoe that was ordered has been discontinued and no one in the entire world has it in size 8.5 wide. Strike 2. Crap in a can. I have nothing for his birthday and its less than a week away. What's a girl to do? I am no longer golden. I'm tarnished silver plate :( I only hope that I have better luck getting Thing 2's computer.

Several have asked that I chronicle my fiber room transformation. I'm embarassed to show the before picture because the room looks so bad. Most of the yarn had already been organized and put into the closet. Its all of the "other" stuff that's not very organized.

Ugh, it is sooooo hideous. Yes, that's a mattress in the corner. It goes to the nifty Ikea chair that I bought in June and still haven't put together. I pretty much just chuck stuff into the room and shut the door for two reasons - one, I'm trying to keep everyone else out and two, I've found two wasps in there over the last year. Heaz can attest to the fact that I'm a wimp when it comes to flying bugs so I've avoided staying in there for long periods of time. But I have to face my fear and claim what is rightfully mine. I kept mumbling to myself "this is cutting into my knitting time" but it has to be done. My top priority was to get the crap in the closet so that I could tape the baseboards. No waxing poetic about photos, trinkets, lost balls of yarn and patterns. Just shove it in a box and put it away. The strategy worked and in less than an hour, the bulk of it was gone and my first directive had been accomplished. Tonight, phase two - tape the baseboards and test an area to see if I like the paint I picked. Stay tuned.

In knitting knews, I finished the back of Cantaloupe and am giving it a little time out for hurting my wrist with all of those little elongated stitches. A new felted tote came to me in a dream over the weekend and I'm working to quickly get it off my needles and into the wash. Ah, the magic of the washer. I feel like a witch hovering over a caldron while I'm waiting to see what comes out of the soapy ooze. Hopefully, I'll have something worthy of pictures tomorrow.

And if dreaming about knitting wasn't enough. I ran into a former colleague at the local coffee shop today. She has thrown off her chains of corporate oppression and is now teaching yoga. She never looked happier. I told her about my fiber aspirations and she gave me a big "Do what you love" pep talk. Is this the universe-fate-spirit-God's way of telling me something? I'm trying to hear you but the connection isn't the greatest. Don't give up on me yet.

I'm still a big loser and have now lost 7 pounds to date (I'd actually lost 9 but I sat on my laurels and two crept back on). I'm eating a steady diet of colon blow (heh heh heh. Rock Chick reminded me of this funny from SNL earlier this week.) aka homemade oatmeal with golden raisins and cinnamon and started exercising regularly. My arse and legs are killing me but I'm starting to see results. Yeah, its cutting into my knitting time but there won't be any knitting if I'm dead, right?


Amy Boogie said...

About the Abner shoe - have you tried the outlet stores. I know Freeport Maine has one because a couple of years ago we found a discontinued shoe there that the husbeast loved.

Colon blow - haha - if it works, stick with it. Woohoo! 7 lbs!!!

Renee said...

Me-ow on that lingerie! Have fun with that.

I loved the story of Tomba. Some classics never die, do they?

Heather said...

yowsa! dems some nice drawers!

EEEEK...I got hit in the neck with a bug the size of kansas the other day...I haven't been right since. We're just not bug people!

hehe...colon blow...don't make me quote some Jack Handy to ya!

x/o muse. I miss ya

Wanda said...

Tht's pretty funny, the colon blow! Love that term.

You may be able to find the shoes on line for hubby? Just a shot in the dark.

Tomba sounds like a good game for my stepson who loves to play these games and I like that it's nonviolent. Must look into it.

Vickie's Secret huh? Guess King Thing got his bday gift right there! :-)

Congrats on continuing to be a big loser! That is awesome.

Nik said...

The phrase "Colon blow" has been added to my vocabulary. I'm going to try to use it in a sentence today.