Friday, August 19, 2005

Fabo Friday

Since I shot my wad on pictures over the last couple of days, I don't have anything left to show y'all. I DO plan to knit my heart out this weekend. And get into birthday mode since King Thing and Thing 2 have birthdays within a week of each other. King Thing is getting some mac daddy keyboard from his mother. We're still trying to figure that one out since he hasn't said a word about wanting one and we already have one. In the last few months, his family has given us a drum kit, some tom tom drums and two guitars for Thing 1 and now a keyboard. I figure all that we need now is a tambourine and we can start our own little version of the Partridge Family. How fun would that be, all of us jammin' in matching polyester jumpsuits - NOT!

The Things are now beginning to eyeball my fiber room as a prospective music room since its the only incomplete room left in the house. Just because it looks like some sheep imploded in there does not give them the right to stake their claim. But I'm going to fix it so that no self-respecting, testosterone driven staff bearer will want to come near that room with a ten foot pole next week. Between some sparkly terra cotta colored paint, candles and fru fru curtains, I will finally stake my claim on what's rightfully mine. Its mine, I say M.I.N.E. MINE! Sorry about that but any of you mom's with kids (spouses included) know that there is very like "mine" in your life as you're expected to share EVERYTHING. I constantly hear
"Mmmmmm, that looks good. Can I have a bite of that?"
"Can I borrow your (fill in the blank)?"
"I needed some scissors so I took yours out of your knitting bag?"
I took up knitting in hopes that no one would be interested in my girly hobby and now all of them (including King Thing) want to play with my stuff and want me to teach them to knit. In general, I'm flattered but in secret, I wish I could have some things to myself. My blog is still our little secret so don't tell, Mkay? (*end crazy mom rant)

Not much else to share with you except that I was accepted to be a test knitter yesterday - woo hoo! I'll let you know as soon as I do if I can reveal any more information than that. I'm so excited that I might burst at the seams.

And there are some great random bits that I'll share (in case you haven't seen them already) from Bloglandia...

*** Courtesy of several blogs I read, I found this beautiful cabled sweater pattern - Kepler - by Emily. Check it out, its worth adding to the must knit list.

*** Thanks to the generousity of knit bloggers around the world, Oliver's mom - Emma - now has enough money to purchase the car seat that he needs. If you aren't familiar with his story, check it out. This is one very special and very cute kid! I'm so impressed and reassured by the impact that a group of people can have on just one person's life. Imagine what mountains we could move if we harnessed its true potential. And in case you're wondering, its not too late to send in a contribution. This little guy has many expensive needs and his family can use the help.

*** Boogie is in the homestretch (only six weeks to go) with the little bun she's been cooking. I'm thinking we need to start a "guess the due date" contest. Anyone game? Go show her some baby love and send her some energy vibes.

Nothing else exciting here. No big plans for the weekend. No stress. No problems. Life IS good :)


sarah said...

Keep fighting for your space!! My mom was always keeping her own space and I swear it kept her sane. A girl's gotta have her own projects without grubby kid (or husband) hands all over :)

Amy Boogie said...

You take that space and hold on. Keep it for all us moms that have no chance of a space of our own. :)

I like the idea of guessing the due date. I'll post something next week so everyone can play along.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you definitely need space of your own! Actually, I'm thinking a separate house is in order at this point. :)


sarah said...

Tanya! I just lucked out a beat you in Julie's contest over at BoogaJ :) Thought I'd bop over and say hi and see how your organization extravanza went with your husband this weekend!

Eilene said...

Thanks for sharing Kepler with us. I love it! I'd love to be able to make it into a cardi though.

Your vacation looks simply fabulous!!
Great past photos Tanya. I love the clouds & sky one. :-)