Friday, August 05, 2005

How can it be the weekend again already?

Wow this week really flew by. I never even got a chance to post about last weekend. So, here's a quick recap:

Last Friday, we watched National Lampoons Vacation with a sandwich theme dinner (Remember the scene where the Griswald's discover that Aunt Edna's dog whizzed on their lunches? Classic.). Saturday was spent with very good friends and relatives at the 4th Annual FloydFest. Its a serious world music hippiefest that grows by leaps and bounds every year. I'm extending an invitation NOW for all of you to come out and experience it next year. It's developing quite a reputation as being one of THE up and coming musicfests. Here are just a few shots from the festival:

This is the beautiful dreaming creek stage and some of the vendors. Don't you LOVE the monster mugs and pottery? The only fiber artist I could find was this woman from North Carolina who brought her handspun and hand woven ponchos and shawls. Maybe I should set up a booth with the Cheekies next year. Hmmmm....

This is a shot of me and my dear friend, E and her sister. We were wet and squishy by the time we got home but a good time was had by all. On Sunday, I cooked a monster breakfast (there were ten of us and man, were we hungry) and sent everyone safely on their way home.

Last week, a big group of us (kids and adults alike) painted our own pottery at a place called Glazed Bisque-It.

I pick them up tomorrow so we'll see how they turned out. I also changed the ballcock assembly in the upstairs toilets (she says while making manly grunting noises). I enjoyed it if for no other reason than to get to say the word "ballcock" - tee hee! Other than smutzing with Blogger, Flickr and posting my Fifi pattern, the week has been very quiet. Except for much playing and relaxing at the pool. Yup, I'm turning into a serious Cocoa Puff.

I hosted the knit/spin in at my house last night. There were only three of us but it was so fun to have these two lovely ladies all to myself :) I hope that more can make it next month. I just love talking fiber. I broke out Arwen for the first time in two weeks and worked on spinning the neverending-but-oh-so-wondrous Finnsheep. Made me so happy that I washed up a couple of batches more today :)

Speaking of fiber, I have been knitting just a little bit. I started a double top secret project on Tuesday after receiving a French lace pattern RAOK. Its another knit in cotton (gasp). Here's a shot of it. I LOVE the color. Its sorta cantalopey.

I haven't forsaken the corset. I just got bored. I'm almost to the waist shaping so it will be done soon. I'll go back to it in a bit when this French pattern overwhelms me which I expect sometime next week. I also bought Jenna's new Eris pattern. Oh yeah, this is itching to be knit this fall AFTER I finish Rogue. I am so in love with this knit and can't wait to get started.

I've also been taking felted tote orders from friends. I have two already and more on the way. In the meantime, a couple of felted monkey orders came in. I'm still wondering where all of this will lead me. I'm willing to let fate have its way with me for now.

On that note, I'll leave you with a shot of one my hydrangeas. Have a great weekend and happy knitting and spinning!


eyeleen said...

The festival sounds like a lot of fun. Beautiful canteloupe lace!

Eilene said...

Looks like you had a great time! I think you should set up a booth there next year! That would be awesome.

Heather said...

arrrrrgh. I missed floydfest. NEVER AGAIN! I'm going next year! I'll help you with your booth...! :)

mmmm. you are so cute...cocoa puff!

sarah said...

I love paint your own pottery places! We always have so much fun, there are 2 or three around us, and one even has a build your own purse section! It's so fun.

Katherine said...

sounds like a fun week! I'm still laughing about the griswald sandwiches!