Friday, August 26, 2005

Where in the world is Zira Monkey?

I used to love watching "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?" with Thing 1 when he was little. Did anyone besides me watch this show? The catchy little do wop song is bouncing around my head now. So where is that little monkey diva now? For those who haven't been reading her blog, she made her way from Amanda's in Illinois and spent some time vacationing in New York with Moze and her family before they headed back home to Israel. Do you recall the song "Cows with Guns"? Well this is a monkey with a gun...

Go Ahead, Make My Day!

You can check out more of her adventure in Israel on her blog. First, she's making out with Mickey on the plane and now she's staring down the barrel of a 9mm. A regular 00 Monkey - tee hee!

Many thanks for all of the birthday wishes for Thing 2. You guys are so sweet. Both of my boys are wonderful kids, even when they drive me nuts. I really do count my blessings. For his birthday, we went to the ninth level of hell also known as Chuck E. Cheese. If only I liked beer, I could endure this place. I'm still holding out for the Chuckster to open a bar and then its on. Instead, I brought my knitting and rocked and knit in a corner.

Don't I look overjoyed to be there? I was binding off the bag that I dreamed about. More about it in a minute. I need to wax poetic about Thing 2's cake. I make special request birthday cakes for all of the boys' (including King Thing) birthdays. Thing 1 requested Sponge Bob two years ago and I made him complete with his damned square pants. One year there was a perfectly round baseball cake, special icings, a cat, you name it, I'll make it. I don't LOVE to make cakes but I sure do love to eat them, so I'm always happy to comply. Thing 2's wish was for a chocolate on chocolate cake. I whipped out my new favorite cookbook from the Junior League of Washington and immediately found a fudgy brownie cake recipe. Three layers of dense fudgy chocolate goodness paired with homemade chocolate buttercream icing and you have the makings of a serious chocolate coma.

Mmmm, look at that cake. Um, I mean here's Thing 2 blowing the candles out. Anywho, we'll do a real celebration with all of his friends sometime in late September. August is such a bad time to have a birthday because everyone is so busy with school and vacations. But he was happy with the cake and Chuckie's so I'm golden again. He'll shit bricks when his computer arrives. I mean shit rocks (can you guess the movie that quote's from?).

I had some knitting and spinning fun with last night as I hosted an impromptu fiber gathering at La Casita de Muse. Nana Sadie Rose was there with her great beautful Mavis knitting tote. There was much sharing of FO and UFOs, lots of talking and nibbling too. I spun up some DreamCatcher roving that I bought this Winter in a gorgeous red, blue and yellow colorway. Wanna see pictures? Umm, I got so wrapped up in the moment that I forgot to take any. I promise to take some when we meet again the first week of September.

Finally, a clarification. Sorry I made it sound like I'm eating nothing but colon blow. If I was, I think I'd weigh a whole lot less by now. What I've been doing is eating it for breakfast and for snacks because its so good for you and healthy. It is quite powerful stuff though.

Have a super weekend and all of you in the path of Katrina, stay safe.


Lauren said...

are you kidding? that was an AWESOME show. I loved it! I never missed it :) where in the world is carmen sandiego. hehee

Wow that is some cake--looks SO good!

Have a happy weekend, dear Tanya!

Renee said...

I used to watch Carmen Sandiego too and I was too old to be watching a kid's show and too young to have my own kids. Pathetic, I know.

What's come over Zira? She was so mild when she was with she's a gun toting tart! Must be the big city :) She could come home with a tattoo and a bad attitude!

Pammi said...

I never watched any of those shows. but I do love your blog. And can you surf through the blog lines and teach me about the cakes. I love to bake but do not do cakes very good. I have three young boys that love for me make things.

Moze said...

Whew! It occurred to me after I posted the pics you might not groove on teaching young monkeys to play with power tools. Glad you got it. [wipes brow]