Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Busy day

I've been busy setting up our Secret Pals program. So far, things are going well with just a few glitches. Considering I've never managed one of these things before, I'm impressed that we've had so few problems.

I quickly figured out the blog template thing and changed mine today. I screwed up a couple of links on the side though under the menu section. I hope to figure out the goof by this weekend. Many thanks to Indigirl and Eris for the great code. Please visit their blogs. They're fun to read!

I've neglected knitting to set up the KR pals program. I did finish a couple of fun projects though that have kept me pacified. One is what I call a Hokie Pokie (named after my college - VA Tech). Its a fun fuzzy felted tote. I also felted a pink one that remains unnamed. I'll post pictures here tomorrow.

I'm off to finish a small bag that I'm felting to test my newly acquired intarsia technique...

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