Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Took my new beau out on the town today

Had to run some errands this evening and thought that I'd take Jean Pierre with me. While he's much bigger than what I'm used to (there's a dirty joke in there somewhere), I decided that I wanted to see if I got the same reaction that I did to my Mango Salsa bag. Mango was my first ... felted bag that is and everytime I think that I want to retire her, I get rave reviews. So off I went with JP. First a quick trip to the LYS - partially because I wanted to check out the new yarns that they'd gotten in and because I need some validation from time to time on whether I'm doing it "right" when it comes to felting. I'm doing it "right" alright. The owners whisked JP away after I walked into the door and he was passed around the shop like a new born baby. I have to admit that I was proud and definitely think that I have a new beau :) Next a stop at Kroger. The checkout girl couldn't stop talking about it which drew attention from several others. JP is certainly a hit! With some minor adjustments in the pattern, I think that I'm going to like ze Frenchie after all.

Worked a little bit on "Le Bleu" tonight. It's going to be a gift for one of the boyz teachers. As I'm knitting, I'm working on weaving in some good karma since this poor young woman has had a run of bad karma lately. I like her a lot and wish I could do more to help. Maybe the good karma bag will work its magic.

So I mentioned to the LYS staff that it would be great to knit with people in my general age range 20's to late 40's. They have a knit in once a month but the store is so small, I can't imagine 10 or 20 people piled into it. I get claustrophobic when I make the mistake and stop in on a Saturday. 10 people looking at yarns is too many in this shop. Plus, a number of the knit in regulars are significantly older than me. Don't get me wrong, I know that I have much to learn from my elders but I crave interaction with people in my peer group from time to time. Anyway, they agree that a more open, cozy space with big comfy chairs and maybe even a cafe would be great. Nevermind that no such place exists around here. No Stitch N'Bitch, no guild meetings (no guild) - nada, zero, zilch. Of course they both said, "hey, that's a great idea. Why don't you put something together?" Now where have I heard that phrase before? It's the entrepreneur in me, I guess :) If I had the money and time, I'd build a cafe with lots of comfy chairs, great music, courteous staff and yummy desserts. In the meantime, I'm stuck wishing for such a thing and with nowhere to meet other young knitters - boo hiss. My mind is turning though and maybe I can work on this project in the fall.

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