Saturday, June 12, 2004

Wild Hare

Not just what's on my head but the kind that makes you crazy until you tame it. I cleaned like a fiend last night after the kids' program so that nothing could stand in my way this weekend for my little knitfest. I swear I feel like I have knitting ADD. I keep jumping from one thing to the next like I won't have time in life to sample all of these new techniques and styles. I decided that I HAD to make knitting needles. Seemed like good ole crafty fun. Some dowels rods, a pencil sharpener, sandpaper and Sculpey and nothing can stop me. Well after work, I finished my first set of needles and am working on the second batch tomorrow. I bought some Sculpey to make the tops for them. They came out okay. But not great. What's wonderful is that if I get tired of them, I can pry them loose and make some more. I can't wait to give them a try though I bet that my kids grab them first. Mom, can't have nothin.'

Got some more knitting done tonight on my shawl while the fam and I waited at the Mexican restaurant for 25 minutes. I should finish it tomorrow. Got loads of stares mixed with some nice comments. I used to care but don't anymore. The only type of person who warrants any kind of response from me is a fellow knitter :)

I also admired a young girl's store bought, non-knitted tote yesterday and realized - gasp - that its pretty much a french market bag. I purposely stayed away from this bag and the booga because I hate following the crowd (and I'm also not one to follow patterns). However, after seeing how cute it could be, I've decided to join the ranks and make one. I may even buckle down and join the knit-a-long. Yes,I've even shocked myself.

So, while I'm getting my hair permed (and tamed tomorrow)at the salon, I may start myself a french market bag (or maybe buckle down and finish my WIPs - like how much fun would that be). Let the knitorama begin...

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