Thursday, September 23, 2004

Cookie Monster - I could see that coming...

Cookie Monster's Bulimia Nervosa

Yes, cookies *are* good. But too much of anything
is never a good thing. Instead of bingeing and
purging, try to regulate your eating habits.
Maybe instead of having two dozen cookies, you
could have two. Also, you should slow down
your eating. Chew each bite several times
before swallowing. Eating more slowly makes it
easier to tell when you are full. And don't
worry about body image--people love you just
the way you are, googly eyes and all.

Which Sesame Street Muppet's Dark Secret Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Thanks to Kerstin, I found my muppet dark secret (part of my muppet dark secret is that I LOVE the muppets - especially Kermit. Note the Kermit the Frog shoelace holders on my new tennis shoes...) is Cookie Monster. I, too, am glad that I wasn't Elmo the crack whore. I'm working on my food obsession - SO BACK OFF! I'm a little hostile from a week of sugar and chocolate depravation. However, I'm down another pound so I'm hoping to stay on target since this Core program is working.

I got RAOK'ed already today by Megan. She was kind enough to welcome me to the group with a gift certificate for some yummy tea. Thanks Megan for the warm welcome. I haven't had time to peruse the list for potential RAOK victims. Setting up KRSP II is sucking up a ton of my time (much like the first one but I somehow chose to mentally block it out). In addition, there's been no knittie since Sunday - grrr. Stir gently with a cup of PMS and three tablespoons of chocolate and sugar deprivation and KABOOM - Super Knit Bitch appears! I've gotta get my knit on soon or someone will pay - and dearly I might add...

Some good knitting news is on the home front. I not only get to visit my little bro in DC this weekend (and knit ALL the way there and ALL the way back - about 8 hours total) but I also get to visit Knit Happens for the first time! Everytime I visit the website, I have to wipe the drool off my keyboard. Plus, they're located in Old Town, one of my favorite places to visit. Hmmm, we're going to be staying in Old Town this weekend. Now I wonder how that happened? Bwa..ha..ha..ha..ha. Will any of my blog buddies be visiting the store on Sunday? If so, I'll be the pudgy brown girl restrained by the police in the corner of the store for trying to roll around in huge piles of yarn that I ripped from the shelves. Come say "hi" to me before they cart me off to jail :)

TTFN, I need to get some work done...


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