Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The end is near...

No, I'm not talking about Rogue. While I did finish the main body and am working on the arm decreases, its nowhere near to being finished. I'm referring to summer. Sigh. August never really got that warm and its already September. Before you know it, we'll be bundling up again and the days will get shorter. I DO love fall and I think that living in a neighborhood with so many gorgeous old trees is going to be very colorful this year. I'll be sure to take pictures.

On the knitting front, Rogue is coming along very nicely (I'll post pictures later). I'll get to work on her quite a bit during the long weekend. Speaking of weekend, I'm so worried that we're going to get stuck at the beach if Frances hits. Not a bad problem but then again, we do need to work for a living. We'll keep our eyes on the sky and pray for the best.

Last night, I cast on and finished the bottom of the tote that I've been commissioned to make - all during a local baseball game. The boys had a blast and I got to knit. Everyone had a good time :)

That's it for now. I've got to head out to take Mavis to the vet. She's still very punny and I'm worried that she's dehydrated :( Make it a great day!

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h said...

I thought that this morning when i was walking for my coffee...wahh! Summer is almost gone!

I like fall and spring..>I am a transitional seasons person...I like the rebirth of spring the best though. but not all the rain, bleh!