Thursday, September 02, 2004

Last blast of the summer

Me and da boyz are headed to the beach for one of the last times this summer. We'll probably go a couple of times in September but this may be the last good weather that have :( And even that isn't guaranteed since Hurricane Frances is bearing down on the coast. I guess we can't control the weather and should be happy to have the opportunity to go to begin with. Of course, I have to think about what projects to take with me. Rogue is already packed up, I'm also taking Taffy, the commissioned tote bag and the yarn for the prayer shawl. The prayer shawl will probably be top priority as I got word that my friend's granddaddy has taken a turn for the worse. The other projects seem frivolous in light of this news. If you feel so inclined, extra prayers for this family can't hurt :)

Worked on Rogue (I'm almost finished with the back, neck cables here I come) and the tote last night since DH went out with some co-workers (so nice to knit without guilt). Hopefully I'll get some serious knitting done over the long weekend. I'm looking forward to the R&R. Catch ya back here on Tuesday (which is also the first day of school)! Happy knitting!

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