Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Pain in the arse

Yes, my butt is killing me today after the spinning class last night. Not from the exercise but from the damned seat on the bike. Now my ass is more than "generous" and I figured that I'd be okay. But even with a gel seat affixed to that scrawny excuse for a seat, it still cut into my butt bone. All of the regulars said that after a few classes "you develop a higher threshold for the pain" and you stop thinking about it. Now why on earth would I want to do that? Its a shame too because I actually did very well and toughed out the entire 45 minutes of hell. My legs feel great today. But (no pun intended) I winced when I sat down for breakfast this morning. I may need to sit on a heating pad for the rest of the day - I'm not joking either :)

However, after the class we were STARVING and headed over to one of the club member's houses for a yummy grilled salad and roasted veges (all WW friendly). We had so much fun. Let's just say that I didn't get home until 10:30 pm last night :)

Needless to say, there was very little knitting last night. After I sauntered into the house (imagine a John Wayne style swagger which was all I could muster up the steps), the last thing that I wanted to do was sit down and wrestle with the grafting on Rogue's hood. I did try a tiny bit before spin class and got frustrated. Why? Because the garter stitches didn't look good with straight grafting. I knew that I needed a technique that would properly graft the stockinette stitches AND garter stitches but wasn't sure what that was. After reading back through the RAL posts, I found that the stitch that will work best is Kitchener. After a quick practice run, I found this to be true. With Kitchener, you can easily alternate purl and knit stitches when grafting. So I will happily seam my dear Rogue tonight when I have more time :) I may cast on the sleeves tonight at the League meeting, though I don't know if I'll get funny looks or not since it seems that no one in the League knits but me (I still find this strangely odd).

On a blogging note, I signed up for bloglines yesterday thanks to Wendy. Man does this service save you time. It lets you know when your favorite blogs have been updated and I was even able to install a tiny notifier that sits in the corner of my taskbar. I love it! I've subscribed to all of my favs and can now pop in during the work day to take a break and see what's up in your world :) I'll bet that this has been around for a while and I'm "Tawny come lately" again. Just stamp a big "L" on my forehead...

Secret Pal reveal day is tomorrow! I can't wait to unveil myself to my pal and find out who my pal is :) Make today a good one...


Lauren said...

It would be great to meet you sometime--since you are another local knitter! :) When I first saw your post about spinning class, I automatically thought yarn spinning... and I thought, "I did not know it was that hard on the butt!"

So this Secret Pal reveal day is for SPIII? or another one?

h said...

Hello Secret Pal!

I am so happy that you were my secret pal...and we've been real pals without me even knowing..That was pretty good! :)

damn 45 min of spinning. wow. that is impressive. never knit when you are tired. I make that one of my rules! :)