Friday, September 10, 2004

Tons O' Photos Ahead

Sorry that I've gotten so far behind on the photos. I've been pretty busy this week. Getting the boys back into a routine, dealing with the flooding from the remnants of hurricane Frances (yowza was that scary), trying to get some packages together PLUS it was a short week work week after a long weekend. I also have a grant report due today so this blog entry will be very concise :)

Before I get into knitting news, I just need to make a couple of public declarations:
1.) I've been on my yarn diet for five days and passed the ultimate test yesterday - I went to the LYS and didn't buy ANYTHING!
2.) I'm horribly addicted to knitting. When did this happen? How long will it last? I can't walk into a book store without checking out the knitting books and mags. Its so bad that my youngest son remarked yesterday (as I was checking out the mag section at Kroger ISO new knitting magazines), "Mom should have married a sheep. If she had, then we'd be little balls of yarn instead of little boys." They both laughed for about five minutes. Hmmm, I thought. What could I knit them into?
3.) I'm not good at resisting food especially sweets and DIDN'T pass the Krispy Kreme "Hot Now" test last night. In fact, the boys, DH and I ate almost a dozen donuts just like that.
4.) I'm fat! Yes, I said it out loud and put it in writing - I'M FAT! Not just chunky or big boned but fat. I can't even begin thinking of knitting something like Audrey because its too form fitting and would show every bulge (and trust me, there are plenty of them) on my body. And yes that makes me sad :( Which is why I ate three KK donuts last night, because I LOVE sweets, which is why I'm fat (do you see the vicious cycle?).

Now, I know that I shouldn't be so down on myself but I also had an epiphany this week that I must do something for ME and I must be a healthy example for my boyz. Brother Billy's heart problems certainly helped wake me up and the death of my friend's granddaddy on Tuesday did as well. Life is short. And we need to make the best of what we've been given. I need to get my fat ass out and exercise and stop eating on impulse. Nuff said. Hopefully I can make some headway on the diet front this weekend.

Okay, knitting news. As you can see from the pictures, I've made considerable progress on Rogue. The neck cables are finished and I've knit almost two dozen rows of the hood. Since its getting cooler outside, I'm zipping through this so I can wear her soon (yippie).

Thanks to Amanda for inspiring me to get started on my Christmas knits. That's one of the reasons why I bought the Vogue Bags and Backpacks book. There are so many cute bag patterns (some felted, some not) that I can knit and give for the holidays. The guys are going to be harder to chose gifts for. Anyhoo, I need to break out my calendar and plot out how much time I need to make all of these goodies. I should have enough time but I've got a good sized list.

Going to the 'Burg with my boys to watch the Hokies play tomorrow. I'm a stadium football virgin (except for the exhibition game I saw once with the Carolina Panthers) so I'm a little anxious about how this excursion will go. Can't bring my knitting since I don't want it to end up smelling like beer and nachos :) However, there is a nifty little yarn shop in B'Burg that has the color of K1C2 Douceur et Soie that I need. Must resist urge to buy yarn. Must use up existing stash. Must stay on diet. (cue cheesy soap opera organ music) How long will she last? Can she resist driving past a LYS? Will Diego find out about her affair with Andres? Tune in next week as the saga continues on "The Yarn and the Restless"... Have a super weekend!


Amanda said...

You hade me lauging so hard at the Soap Opera comments....Don't be too down on your self about the weight...I also struggle and *try* to do WW. It's tough! It might be easier to start with feeling good about you at this point and then focus on the weight loss. Sometimes that helps?

I think because of you I am going to have to maybe to the Rogue...But I might tackle the cardigan since my fav cardigan has a hole in the elbow from too much use!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Amanda - I think many of us "feel your pain". It's good that you're doing it for health. The benefits will result in looking better, too, but health is a far better motivator, and you're more likely to stick with anything you choose if you really FEEL the differences...

Good luck!

h said...

Well, we all have felt the pull of the dreaded HOT LIGHT...way to go to decide to be will feel better too.

Rogue is zooming along...looks beautiful!

ooh ooh...yarn and the restless...