Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Happy Autumn

Fall is here. Brrrr is all I can say about it right now since the day started at around 48 degrees. WTF is that all about? We had to turn the heat on last night. *Heavy sigh* Soon all of the trees will be neck-ed (that's how we say naked in the South) and we'll have a ton of leaves to rake and mulch into little bits. It was great to stand at the kitchen window while cooking DH breakfast and watch the sun slowly peek its head above the mountains. The warmth on my face and a gentle reminder that I was allowed to see another day. Don't take your time here for granted. I have to keep reminding myself :)

Today is Reveal Day for KR Secret Pals I and the kick off of KRSP II. I found out that my secret pal is none other than Jessica from California. And no Jessica, I love surprises SO much that I wasn't tempted at all to know who you were. She sent me a sweet note and let me know that some swag is on its way next week. And guess what? She's expecting! I'm so excited. I think I see some baby RAOK in her future :) Thanks for the great prezzies and I look forward to getting to know you better in the near future.

And finally, after three months, I can tell you that my secret pal was...Heather! It was so much fun being her pal especially when she has been one of my best online buds since I first started blogging :) Love ya H! I still have lots of stuff that I've been stockpiling for the last few months that I need to send her. I got SO behind with my prezzies for her :( The post office isn't as close to my house as it used to be before I moved. It will be fun getting these to her over the next few weeks. Thanks for being patient with me!

I got notice today that I've been accepted into ROAK! I'm so excited :) I thought for sure that there was no chance in hell that I'd get into this group since I was late registering. Now to go visit all of the ROAK blogs and see who I can surprise first.

What a great day! Maybe Autumn won't be so bad afterall...

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