Monday, September 20, 2004

Fall officially starts on Wednesday

I can't believe that summer is almost gone. Waaaaaaah! The leaves are already starting to change, the squirrels are storing nuts like crazy and man is it cold (its 48 degrees as I speak). BUT with fall starting soon, I have renewed energy to finish Rogue. I really could have snuggled up in her today. The weekend ended up being picture perfect. Great temperatures, lots of sun, lots of knitting, very little domestic work - what more could one ask?

Speaking of Rogue, I finished the hood this weekend. All I have to do is seam it. I've pulled out several different books looking for the perfect seam for it. If I have any luck tonight, I'll post pictures. The cables on the hood are stunning. The Cascade tweed was a great choice. The slubs give the cables great texture and it breaks the monotony of the color. I'm looking forward to casting on the sleeves maybe tomorrow.

I have a busy social week ahead of me. First, I have to match up all of the new KRSP II participants in time to start Round II on Wednesday. We'll have a smaller group this time (around 40 people) which is fine with me. I saw that the Secret Pals III group has over 175 people registered. What a nightmare! It was hard enough with the near 60 in KRSP I. In spite of my efforts, there were a couple of duds in the group :( There's nothing one can do to eliminate them but I still feel bad for those who didn't have very attentive pals. I'm going to try to RAOK some of the ones who were jipped in the coming weeks. Just so they don't feel left out.

Tonight I have Suppa Club with my girls. We're going to a spin class at a local gym and then knosh on healthy food afterward. I've never been to a spin class and am generally against exercising in public but its a great jump start to my new healthy living plan so I'll do it. I'm also starting the CORE program through Weight Watchers. My friend Cheryl is a WW junkie and has been bugging me for months to join. I'll give it a whirl through the first of the year and see where it takes me. These next three months are the hardest for me considering all of the candy, sweets, desserts and holiday goodies that are constantly thrown at me. That coupled with my natural desire to want to pack on the pounds to bulk up for the winter and we have a dangerous combo. I lost a pound this weekend just by watching what I ate and walking every day so maybe there's hope for me yet.

I also have my first Junior League meeting of the new League year on Tuesday. I love getting to see everyone after the summer. There will be lots of new babies and also those who are just beginning their pregnancy. It's kinda like the first day of school. I'm a membership advisor this year so I hope to really get to know some new faces. I'm also hoping to talk some people into forming a knitting group with me. I haven't given up yet ;)

Wow, two nights out in a row. That's a new record for me :) Now if I could find a knitting buddy, I could add yet another night out on my social calendar. O knitting buddy, I know you're out there somewhere, but why can't I find you? :(

On a sad buddy note, one of my best buddies sent one of our mutual friends (a priest by the way) a suicide email Friday night. The two of us scrambled to get in touch with her within half of an hour of getting the note. He's over eight hours away from her and I'm almost three hours away so neither of us could get there quickly and she wouldn't answer the phone. We called neighbors, etc. and couldn't get in contact with anyone. He finally called the state police who found her at home incredibly intoxicated. The details after that are a blur since they took her to a state hospital and we called her sister to come stay with her. I pray that she can get the help that she needs. Her husband left her and their two kids in March and she's struggling to deal with the entire ordeal. But she has so much to live for. I just hope that we can all convince her of that. Keep my friend in your prayers please :)

Have a super week and make today a good one!


h said...

Eck! I know it's getting so cold here as well (baltimore), oh I love fall though. My boyo is telling me to knit Rogue right away! I cannot wait to see your rogue!

I hope your friend does better. As a recent divorcee, I know that it's very hard. Please know that she will be in my daily meditations.

Amanda said...

Thanks so much for putting the Secret Pals together!! I don't think it would have been such a success otherwise!

I can't wait for you to finish Rogue and model her!! She is looking cuddly and warm--yeah sweater weather!!