Monday, September 13, 2004

In the mood for a quickie?

Quickie post that is :) Naughty, naughty bloggers... I've got to go out of town for a couple of days so I don't know if I'm going to get much time to post for the next day or so.

Went to the Hokie football game on Saturday (H, feel free to skip over this part - tee hee)and had a blast. There were a bazillion crazy fans and the weather was perfect. We had awesome seats (in the shade the ENTIRE game) and the boys had a great time. I snapped a couple of photos and will post later in the week. Other than that, the weekend was low key, quiet and very knitterly. Which leads me to the next installment of "The Yarn and the Restless". When we left IM, she was pondering how to cope with a possible moment of weakness - break her yarn diet and visit the quaint yarn shop in Blacksburg or run away with Andres? Alas, she would do neither. The little angel on her right shoulder talked her out of visiting the yarn shop and well, DH might take issue with Andres (and Diego too for that matter). So I can now say that I've been on my yarn diet for nine days. Today, yarn, tomorrow, the diet for my health.

Knit bits:

I mainly worked on Rogue this weekend. I'm trying to focus though I'm so easily distracted. I'm nearing completion of the hood. I have about 30 rows left to go and then on to the sleeves. I'm going to knit those both at the same time to make sure that they match. She looks awesome. I hope to finish it by the weekend or at least work on her most of the weekend. We were supposed to have DH's cousin and wife down for the weekend but it looks like Ivan is heading straight for us. I think that the weekend may literally be a wash :( Well, I hope to get pictures up on Wed. Happy knitting everyone!

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h said...

YOu made me laugh out loud! I am sure my cubicle farm thinks "what a knutty knitter" heheh

I love the singlemindedness (word?) when you really are enjoying a project. I am that way with Klara...

yarn diet...I am on one too...if I can't trade for isnt destined to be mine. sigh. wahh!